Name Changes

Stanshawe 1968

Stanshawe (Bristol) 1972

Sun Life Stanshawe 1978

Sun Life Band 1983


An incomplete decade, maybe, but one of fabulous success and musical fulfilment. The commitment and drive of previous decades had clearly propelled this extraordinary ensemble to the forefront of the world stage. Capturing of national and international awards was expected and had become the norm.


There was no slow death. It had run its course. Done what it set out to do with real class and a true illuminating impact. Circumstances beyond its control meant that it could not continue to maintain the highest standards dictated at the outset by its founders. It was unwilling to compromise. It did not want to wither and wane, so it quietly closed its doors and retired itself to banding history.

It is now a memory. A joyful experience for those that played and directed and supported. For band historians there are the recordings that have been saved and the inscriptions of a multitude of trophies. For those of you that never heard Stanshawe, then just ask around the bar at your next contest.................