WB's Entrance

Professor W.B. Hargreaves and I worked together in Brighouse and Rastrick Band for about four years during which time I came to know him well and to admire his teaching skills, musicianship, and his ability to motivate players. When I left Yorkshire to take up residence in Bristol late in 1970, I was invited to join Stanshawe Band and was immediately convinced that the Band had the potential to achieve a high standard.

I was also convinced that Professor Hargreaves was the man to steer the Band on its upward path. It was relatively easy to persuade WB (as he liked to be called) that his talents and abilities made him the ideal person to make the Stanshawe "project" succeed.

Having whetted his appetite WB was invited to visit Bristol to conduct the Band in rehearsal so that he could assess the situation for himself. It was therefore arranged that he should come on a Sunday in or about November 1970; Brian Higgins and I went to Brighouse to collect WB and Mrs Hargreaves and they were duly delivered to the Apsley Street premises, the band's bandroom & club, at 11.00 a.m. that Sunday.

At that time the Band did not have a full complement of players and a number of guests were drafted in to fill the gaps - they included Graham Yeo, John Peake and Roy and Terry Jennings. We rehearsed from 11.00 until late afternoon during which time the Band improved dramatically. Fortunately, WB decided to accept the challenge we offered to him and a number of our guests decided to join the Band; the rest, as they say, is history.

Lyndon Baglin, 1999