results archive 1984-89

Year Contest Result Conductor Work
1984 Yeovil Entertainment 1 B Pope Selection
  SW Area 1 WB Hargreaves Waverley
  Granada 5 WB Hargreaves Selection
  Best of Brass 2 B Pope Selection
  British Open 7 B Pope Comedy Overture
  Nationals 2 C Adey Dances & Arias
  Rothmans 7 B Pope Selection
1985 Yeovil Entertainment 3 B Pope Selection
  SW Area 1 C Adey Contest Music
  Granada ? B Pope Selection
  Frome 2 B Pope Selection
  British Open 14 C Adey Salute to Youth
  Nationals 4 G Brand Cloudcatcher Fells
  European Championships 3 G Brand Royal Parks / Carnival Overture
  Best of Brass 3 B Pope Selection
1986 Yeovil Entertainment 2 R Wiffin Selection
  SW Area 1 R Wiffin Variations theme of Haydn
  Granada ? R Wiffin Selection
  British Open 7 C Adey Fusions / Epic Symphony (2)
  Nationals 3 R Wiffin Diversions
1987 Yeovil Entertainment 10 R Evans Selection
  SW Area 1 R Wiffin Diversions of a Bass Theme
  British Open 15 R Wiffin Freedom
  Nationals 11 R Wiffin Harmony Music
1988 SW Area 1 J Watson Ballet for Band
  Leeds Open 2 R Evans Sinfonietta
  British Open 9 P Cosh Contest Music
  Nationals 8 G Brand Seascapes
1989 Yeovil Entertainment 8 P Cosh Selection
  SW Area 1 R Newsome Prisms
  All England Masters 6 B Hurdley Cloudcatcher Fells
  British Open 7 R Newsome Diversions
  Nationals 13 C Adey Odin