results archive 1990-end

Year Contest Result Conductor Work
1990 Yeovil Entertainment 2 B Hurdley Selection
  SW Area 5 R Newsome The Beacons
  UK Entertainment 3 B Hurdley Selection
  All England Masters 4 B Hurdley Blitz
  British Open 1 R Newsome Le Roi d'Ys
1991 SW Area 2 R Newsome Journey into Freedom
  All England Masters 4 B Hurdley Harmony Music
  British Open 13 R Newsome Paganini Variations
  Nationals 11 R Newsome Energy
  UK Entertainment 6 B Hurdley Selection
1992 SW Area 1 R Newsome Frontier
  All England Masters 4 B Hurdley Cambridge Variations
  British Open 6 R Newsome Cloudcatcher Fells
  Nationals 6 R Newsome The New Jerusalem
1993 SW Area 1 R Newsome Of Men & Mountains
  All England Masters 12 B Hurdley English Heritage
  WMC Kerkrade 1 Newsome/Hurdley Selection
  British Open 15 R Newsome Masquerade
  Nationals 3 R Newsome Devil & Deep Blue Sea
1994 SW Area Bye    
  All England Masters 9 R Newsome Montage
  British Open 12 R Newsome Salamander
  Nationals 4 R Newsome Theme & CoOperation
1995 SW Area 1 R Newsome Un vie de Matelot
  All England Masters 7 R Newsome Paganini Variations
  British Open 17 R Newsome Revalation
  Nationals 11 R Newsome Songs for BL
1996 SW Area 1 R Evans Sounds
  All England Masters 13 R Wiffin Hymn at Sunrise
  British Open 12 S Sykes Severn Suite
  Nationals 9 S Sykes Issiah 40
1997 Dis-banded (spring)