Sept 2009

Re-union Concert in Bristol

October 2007

Re-union Dinner

April 2007

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Name Changes

Stanshawe 1968

Stanshawe (Bristol) 1972

Sun Life Stanshawe 1978

Sun Life Band 1983


Once the band ceased to be its been the duty, and honour, of the Trustees of the Stanshawe Band to manage the affairs of the band's estate.

With the proceeds of the sale of band assets the trustees have endeavoured to keep the name of the band alive.

This has involved such things as:

  • Organising the Reunion Concert to celebrate the 20th anniverasy of the 1990 British Open win,

  • Purchase of contest trophies carrying the band's name,

  • Sponsorship of a concert series featuring the National Youth Band of Great Britain,

  • Purchase of Stanshawe logo clothing,

  • Commission of the grand march, "Stanshawe" by Derek Bourgeois,

  • Funding of a posthumous CD of rare recordings,

  • Organised the 10th year re-union (October '07).

Should you wish to know anymore about such activities, or have suggestions to offer, then please make contact with the trustees via "contact".