Roll of Honour

Listed below are all the known players of the Sun Life Stanshawe Band (instrument and alphabetical order). We would be most interested in hearing of any corrections or omissions.


Horns, Baritones, and Euphoniums

Trombones & Basses



    Ian DICKINSON (20)     Christine DORSE *     Steve DRURY     Roy JENNINGS (22)

    Alan LOVATT     Melvin WINGFIELD


    John COLLIER     Stewart CRAWFORD     John EVANS     Kevin FORD (15)

    Eric GOODALL     Phil GREGORY (11)     Phil HARPER     Hayden HARRIS

    Brian HIGGINS *     Richard KNIGHT     Phil RANDELL     Liz SHERIDAN

    Helen WHEATLEY *     David WILLIAMS     Andy WILLIAMS


    Gavin BAKER     Stan BROWN *     Graham CHRISTOPHERS     Dave CLARKE

    S COOMBS     Maurice CRAZE G    erry DAVIS *     Ken GARRETT     Laurie HINCHLEY

    Terry JENNINGS (19)     Paul SUGDEN     Chris WESTON     Allan WILSON (13)


    Lyndon BAGLIN (11**)     Charlie BRIGHTON     Graham COBLEY     Steve DIDCOTT

    Simon GOODALL     Andy HICKS     Andrew HUNT     Steve MEAD     Andy SMITH

    Shaun THOMAS     Roger THOMPSON     Neil WATSON


(Numbers in brackets define length of service, 10 years or more

* Founder members ** Broken service)