Roll of Honour

Listed below are all the known players of the Sun Life Stanshawe Band (instrument and alphabetical order). We would be most interested in hearing of any corrections or omissions.


Horns, Baritones, and Euphoniums

Trombones & Basses



    Dave ALDERMAN (16) *     Dennis BROWN *     Dave BYETT     Alan CARR

    Colin DAVIS     Andrew FOISTER     Brian GREEN     Steve HAWKES     Chris JEANS

    Gareth KEY     Omar KHOKHER     John LEAR     John MAINES     Shaun MILUM

    Dave SHORT     Keith THOMAS     Chris THOMAS     Mike TILLEY     Steve WALKLEY

    Mike WALLDRIDGE     Ken WILLIAMS (12**)     Nick WILLIAMS     Mike WOOD    

    Nigel WRIGHT



    Stewart BAGLIN     Russ CHAPMAN     Nick CHIVERS     Geoff COLMER (10)

    Tim CROUTER     Dave FISHER     Ken HAGGETT (11) *     Ian HITCHENS

    Ian HOLMES     Derek HORSFALL (12)     Ray HUNT     Martin KNOWLES

    Ken LAUREN     Bob MILSOM     Tony NASH (15)    Andy PEGLER     Bert PHILP

    M SMITH     Howard THOMAS    Dave TUCKETT     Paul WHEATLEY *

(Numbers in brackets define length of service, 10 years or more

* Founder members ** Broken service)